Wednesday 8 April 2009

Flash, bang, wallop

what a picture, what a photograph. I laughed out loud this morning thinking about when this photo was taken. The story starts at 7.00 am yesterday morning and me pretending to be organised - getting up early, doing my chores, seeing to my little rascal etc. I take my freshly prepared masterpiece (haw haw) and end up taking it for a little tour of my house, the back garden and the street.

It seemed that every picture I took was either too shiny or too dull. Time was pressing on and I was losing my patience a bit. So out I went in my fluffy slippers, jim jams, bed hair and no make up (scary - eek) to the front path of my front garden where the sun was at a perfect angle for snapping. Away I go taking the pics and low and behold it seemed my entire cul-de-sac came out of their front doors at the same time. So you think right, I am going to say good morning and calmly stroll back into the house, because I am a modern woman and don't need to feel I have to power dress with full make up on to put one toe out of the house. But what do I do ? the 10 yard dash back into the house guffawing as I went and trying to keep some dignity and failing miserably.

After all that I didn't get the shot I wanted and my neighbours now think I'm a weirdo who photographs cards !! ??. How I suffered for my art this day LOL

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Kate Lewis said...

Oh Emma - you really had me laughing reading this! We probably forget how 'un-normal' we look to others if they see us photographing cards! I'd have run away too!!!

After all that it's a lovely card - I love love LOVE kraft, and I love the clean and simple layout. Hugs Kate xxxx

Wee Hels said...

LOL Emma - I could full well imagine the scene! Folks are used to me doing or saying nutty things so it's just a breeze for me now! LOL

It's a fabby card BTW!

Need More Time to Craft said...

Oh Emma, you made me chuckle reading this. My family think I am mad photographing cards, I am lucky enough to have a south facing garden to take mine in, but even so I have to wander around the garden finding just the right spot. I am sure my neighbours think I am mad!!
Love your card, and the simplicity of the layout.
Carole x

Monica Gale said...

Oh I can soo relate to this Emma, you did give me a giggle. Hugs M xx

Unknown said...

lol such a funny story thanx for sharing lol (how we suffer indeed) lol

Love Dawn xx