Monday 6 April 2009

What a find

The template for this note book holder was such a find. The story is that I work in an office and one of the reps that come round with the freebies of pens, post it notes etc gave a note book and pen holder me about a 100 years ago. Yesterday (wasn't it lovely yesterday) I was having a clear out and found the old note book, half mangled and bereft of any paper and thought that would make a great fixer-upper. So I literally traced round the old one in kraft card stock and made the folds and cuts and prettied it up a bit and voila.

I hope you are enjoying yourself so far, because I am having so much fun. I would like to say big thank you and to all who have left such encouraging comments.

See you tomorrow xx
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Wee Hels said...

That's a fabby idea!! You could adapt it to different sizes especially when little notebooks cost very little out of Asda!

Amanda said...

That's lovely, please can you share the sizes?

Monica Gale said...

You are such a clever cookie and sooo funny, love your blog excitement I CAN FEEL IT!!!!!M xxx

Kate Lewis said...

Fantastic idea Emma - you're so creative! Glad you're loving the blogging - I'm SO pleased to have you around!!! Kate xx

Alex said...

Love it, what a great idea :)

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x