Monday 13 December 2010

Ok computer ?

Ok computer ?  well no it's blinkin not, aaahhhhhhhh.  I speak to you now from my dusty office at work (on an official break of course;)  to inform you that my one and only computer (aka Sheila) is very poorly and wont come on :(  We are awaiting specialist brother-in-law help to see if he can revive her but alas I do fear the worst.  Needless to say it could be some time until I am back in blog land and will only be able to snatch a few moments in work.  Have missed you all so much and hope to see you really, really soon :D

Emma x


Sparkle and Flourish said...

Enjoy your PC free'll probably get loads done. Look forward to seeing all your crafty creations when the PC is behaving itself a little bit better!

Hugs Judy xx

Highland Monkey's said...

I found when my computer went awol I got loads of crafty things finished! (although I did miss it sad is that!)