Friday 29 May 2009

The winner takes it all

Good morning all, I have been trying to think of what to do with vellum and thought it might be nice to make something 3D with it. It's a cute little love note box with a vellum lid stamped and embossed.

Also today I would like to give special mention to three lovely ladies Aimes, Sara & Kate who I know, that if they lived down the road from me, we would be the best of friends popping round and chatting all day long, having fun. They have all been so kind and supportive and have bestowed on me this award "for a blog whose content or design, in the giver's opinion, brilliant".

The conditions of the award are:

I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link to it.
I must list 10 honest things about myself (oh god help us lol).
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog.
I must select at least seven other worthy bloggers & list their links.
I must notify the bloggers of the award.

Brace yourself, here are my 10 things:

1, I love the banana sweets you can get from your local market.

2, I live in my pyjamas (when I am not in work obviously lol).

3, I have very long naturally curly hair ( which I hate sometimes as it gets frizzy).

4, I get a little queasy about things that come in squeezy tubes, e.g. toothpaste, tomato sauce, etc (go figure ?).

5, I love to dance & sing (I am no good at it by the way but I still try).

6, I have three freckles on my right upper arm all in a row next to each other and nowhere else on my body.

7, I was a huge fan of INXS as a teenager and was madly in love with Michael Hutchence after seeing them live at Wembley.

8, When I was nine we went on a family holiday to San Antonio. We went to see a show where The Three Degrees were playing and they invited me and some other young girls on stage to sing with them!

9, My favourite colours are any shades of blue.

10,I love all sports(probably because I can't play any of them ha!) and saw the New York Yankees (baseball) at the Yankee stadium in New York.

Now to pass it on to some lovely people:


Claire Brennan







There are lots more people obviously that I love to visit but for now have a great day & see you tomorrow xx

Ingredients from Stampin Up - Stamps: Polka dots & paisley. Card stock: Tempting turquoise & white vellum. Paper: Polka dots & petals designer series paper. Ribbon: Tempting turquoise grosgrain. Misc: Versamark ink & white embossing powder.


Natalie said...

Thank you so much for the lovely award Emma. I love your gift box too. x

Unknown said...

Emma - you're too kind, but I'm tickled pink!! Thank you. The wee box is very cute too!!

Kate Lewis said...

What a gorgeous box Emma - I must use vellum more, thanks for the inspiration!

Loved reading your ten things! I saw INXS at Wembley too!

Have a great weekend, hope the sun's shining in Swansea!

Kate x

Aimes said...

Your box is gorgeous - so pretty and delicate!
Sometimes I wish we all did live a little closer - though here in blogland I consider you my fab next door neighbour!
Thanks for playing along - I loved reading your facts! I've seen the Yankees play too but in Toronto though. It was a fab atmosphere!
Hope you're getting some of this sun - it seems to have disappeared here!

Leann said...

Thank you soooo much Emma!
Oh and I'm with you on the 'nana sweets (although would be sick if I even looked at an actual real 'nana - weird huh?!)
Hugs x